Exrates Exchange Security Breach

An email was sent from the Exrates Exchange via the Intercom emailing system, claiming 150% earning is 25 days using ASICs that have been secretly developed in the last 3 years. The email claims that these secret ASICs are 5 times more powerful and cost efficient than any current 7nm ASIC chips in the market. These types of tactics are usually played by Nigerian fraudsters

Greetings there,

Cyber Monday is not just for great sales, but for great opportunities as well!

EXRATES is one of the largest crypto currency exchanges in the world. We’re ranked in top 20 based on our trading volume in the WORLD – https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/exrates/

Today we like to offer you great opportunity to join us, and become part of the EXRATES by investing to our special CYBER EXRATES Investment Fond.

We’re have a great opportunity by partnering up with one of most secretive crypto organizations in china. They were developing bitcoin mining ASIC for last 3 years in underground, and underadar. We already seen by first hand, what their ASIC chips can do, it’s 5x more power and cost efficient than any current ASIC chips in the market. Even with current  bitcoin price, mining is as profitable as when bitcoin was 20,000$  each.

Minimal investment is 0.01 BTC, and Maximum is 10 BTC.

Your investment fund will run for 25 days, at the end of 25 days (DECEMBER 20th), you’ll receive from 150% of your initial investment in bitcoins. We’ll send you bitcoins to your EXRATES.ME account, or to your bitcoin wallet.

To sum everything up:

If you invest 1 BTC, after 25 days (DECEMBER 20th) we’ll send you back 1.5 BTC.


To make the investment, transfer directly from your wallet or exchange. The bitcoin address for you to join EXRATES investment FOND:


Or please scan with your favorite wallet:

  • If you send the bitcoins from your EXRATES.ME account, the profits will be paid directly to your EXRATES.ME account on DECEMBER 20th, otherwise we’ll make send profits to your bitcoin wallet.



The email has telltale signs of being a scam such as the word fund spelt as fond, ridiculous claims of earning high earnings in a very short period of time and outrageous claims of a more efficient ASIC than the current 7nm ASICs.

Dear customer, thanks for your information. Seems, like this email was compromised. We will warn all our customers not to send anything to this address. Take our deepest apologies for this situation. Our specialists are already working on it.

Exrates states that only there emails have been compromised and Extrates have failed to send out an email to alert people about the scam. It is not known if any other information has been compromised.

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